Accounts Preparation

Accounts Preparation & Accounts Management

Preparation of the annual accounts of a business is sometimes met with the same level of enthusiasm as a visit to the dentist. It is often considered as a necessary cost of doing business and only forms the basis of meeting regulatory requirements and the calculation of business tax.

However ambitious business owners understand the need for accurate and timely annual accounts as they tell the story of the life of the business and can serve as an important decision making tool. For this reason we encourage all our clients to have their accounts prepared within three months of the year end and we take the time to explain the results and highlight areas that will assist them in the future direction of the business.

We don’t stop there, we also encourage you to meet us prior to the end of the year, to discuss the financial performance and take this meeting as an opportunity for tax planning.

Annual financial accounts prepared by qualified chartered accountants provide creditability to them and act as a business passport to other services and opportunities.

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Management Accounts

There is no legal requirement to prepare management accounts, although few (if any) well run businesses can survive without them. Many businesses assess performance purely on the amount of cash at their bank; however this is unlikely to assist in decision making on key issues such as sales, margins, stock, debtor and creditor levels.

When it comes to your business, information is vital to know how the business is performing and acts as basis of making informed decisions. Management accounts provide a valuable tool to the decision making process, so that the business remains on track and enables you to focus your business better.

Management accounts are only useful if there provide valuable information about the business performance and forward thinking. Since there is no prescribed format, we take the time to understand your business and tailor the management accounts and reports to focus on key performance indicators.

We can either train your staff in preparing the information agreed with you or help by:

  • Preparing periodic management accounts
  • Preparing annual budgets and forecast together with an analysis of actual performance.
  • Setting up systems and procedures to monitor areas critical to your business survival and future growth.

This will enable you to concentrate on core activities such as sales, production and marketing with the added benefit of being fully aware and in control of your company's financial position.

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