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Few people understand what it's like to be an employer. We do, which is why we offer a Payroll service. This is our outsourced payroll system that removes the administrative burden you face, as an employer, every time you pay your staff.

Managing a payroll even a small business payroll, is no trivial task. During each payment cycle you are under pressure to ensure...

  • wages and salaries are processed on time
  • there are no underpayments or overpayments
  • tax, national insurance and pension deductions are accurately calculated
  • overtime earnings, pay rises and bonuses are correctly included
  • items like loan repayments or charitable donations are properly taken into account
  • all details are clearly presented on each employee payslip.

Our system is designed to handle these tasks quickly and effectively, eliminating the kind of payroll problems that can lead to an unhappy workforce.

Beyond payroll bureau services

With so many factors affecting your employees payslips, it can be hard for you to keep up-to-date with them all. So we do that for you.

Besides providing high quality payroll processing, we offer expert guidance on tax and basic employment legislation. We stay abreast of current developments and alert you to changes that might affect you or your colleagues.

What we offer goes well beyond the services of a traditional payroll bureau. While they simply process wages and salaries, we oversee your entire payroll operation.

In practice, that means we act like an in-house payroll department. We identify potential difficulties and sort them out before each pay run, to ensure a professional business payroll service is maintained at all times.

Why use Optmark Accountants?

As a firm of Accountants based in London we have considerable experience of providing managed payroll services to small and medium sized businesses.

At a stroke, you will be releasing yourself from a time consuming and often stressful chore. In addition you will be reinforcing your image as a responsible and caring employer.

In many ways your success depends on the motivation of your workforce. By using an efficient and reliable system to pay your employees, you are sending them a positive message about your company and demonstrating how much you value their contribution.

So whether you are thinking of outsourcing your payroll or looking for alternative, we can help you tackle the issues. Contact us on 020 8696 7090 for a FREE no obligation chat.